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Port Forwarding on MikroTik

Port Forwarding on MikroTik

Port Forwarding on MikroTik

Imagine your an IT administrator. You created a big network and someone wants to remotely connect to your VPS server or dedicated server and work remotely. You can’t share the server IP with him for security purposes. What should you do? In this situation, you should use port forwarding to handle all requests. Below we give a step-by-step guide how to configure port forwarding.

  1. Login to your own MikroTik server with admin privileges.
  2. Click on “IP” from the left side panel. In the opened submenu, click on “Firewall”.
  3. We should use “NAT” (Network Address Translation) tab to handle the packets that the router receive.
  4. In the “NAT” tab, click on “+” item to create a rule.

Note: In this scenario, assume the router connect to IP ( and we want to forward all requests from ( to the (

  1. Click on “General” tab. Select “dstnat” from “chain” drop down list. In “Dst. Address” field type this IP ( From “Protocol” list, select of the connection protocol like (TCP, xdp, ddp). In “Dst. Port” field, type 222.
  2. Click on “Action” tab. From action drop down list, select “dst-nat”. Type this IP ( on the “To Addresses” filed and type 222 on the “To Ports” field.
  3. Click on apply and OK to save and add the rules.