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How to Setup Mail app on Apple Mac

his document explains, how to connect an Apple Mac with the SkyConnect server using IMAP email synchronization. And, access inbox and all the IMAP folders using your Apple Mac. Follow the steps mentioned below to configure your account and refer the troubleshooting topic if you face any problem while configuring your account. Step 1: Create […]

Configure POP email account in Blue Mail app

Step 1: Install Blue Mail Application Step 2: Go to the Add Account screen Step 3: Provide User Information TIP : If you change the password in the future, an authentication error will occur. Application will fail to fetch emails from the server in result.  Step 4: Choose Account Type Step 5: Provide Incoming Server Settings Don’t know your […]

[Solved] There Has Been A Critical Error On This Website.

Between WordPress 5.2 and WordPress 5.3 we used to get error The site is experiencing technical difficulties. But with latest release of WordPress 5.4 i think WordPress developers have changed message you would receive also. If you know how to deal with the site is experiencing technical difficulties same methods apply to solve. There has been […]

5 Facebook Ad Mistakes May Sink Your Budget

Facebook ads can be an incredibly special choice and can give huge advantages, concerning both expanding brand mindfulness and boosting deals. Facebook Ad mistakes may sink your budget .So; Be that as it may, not all Facebook promotion crusades are made equivalent Frequently, even an apparently basic oversight can make you rapidly consume your Facebook advertisements spending plan, without getting […]

How to Set Up Your Webmail for Outlook?

As many of our clients ask the common question of “how to set up webmail for Outlook?”, has decided to write down all the steps to make your Outlook configuration process easier. These setting are often required whenever there is a new server update and new configuration settings are asked from Outlook users. But. don’t worry […]